Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wedding Wednesday No.5 - Skincare

I know it's still 6 months until the wedding but having got all of the big things sorted I thought it might be a good idea to start thinking about my skincare routine, after all, who doesn't want to look good on their wedding day?
My skincare routine has always been a littlle haphazard at best ranging from not even taking my make-up off at night (a mortal sin in beauty terms) to a few weeks of a full on cleasnsing, toning and moisturising routine day and night (these never last for long however as I am somewhat easily distracted). Thankfully it appears that I am pretty lucky when it comes to my skin as I get few spots and not a wrinkle in sight so far. It does however appear rather dull and I have some fairly large pores on my nose and chin. So to get that happy glow that all brides strive for I headed to the Clarins counter in one of the House of Fraser department stores for a skin consultation (sounds scary but not at all).

I was greeted by Kayley and taken to a little table and chairs to talk about my current skincare routine; needless to say she was fairly disappointed in my current lack of routine but also flabergasted that I am in fact 29 and still no wrinkles (yay me!). We talked about my type of skin (combination - very common) and she suggested a number of different products that might suit me, writing it all down on a little form. At this point I was expecting the sales pitch to start, but instead she handed me a bag full of testers and told me to go away and try them all out and come back when I knew which ones I liked but to make sure I came back in the next 2 weeks so I could claim a free gift!
So here I am, beginning my testing; as i've started straight away i'm starting with the evening products which are a cleanser and toner in one and a night cream. I used the cleanser toner combo (
Water Purify One-Step Cleanserto clean my face of the days grime. Now my usual routine would have possibly (though probably not) have involved swiping my face with a cleansing wipe and hopping into bed, however this time I meticulously scoured every millimetre of my face with the cotton wool until not a trace of dirt could be found. I have to say I was quite horrified by the amount of gunk that came off my face... Gross!
Once clean it was time to move on to the night cream (Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream); my skin drank it up like it hadn't been moisturised in weeks leaving my face feeling fresh (no stickines or greasiness), smelling gorgeous and looking plump. A good start!
The following morning my skin felt pretty good so I washed it with my usual face wash (Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Face Wash & Mask) and then moved on to the next step (Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster) which goes on after cleansing and before moisturiser to give your skin a radiant boost. This product felt a little strange as it is a liquid which you are supposed to apply with your fingers so it felt like some of it just ran down my hands rather than ending up on my face. What I did manage to get onto my skin felt lovely and sunk straight in though. Finally onto the moisturiser (Daily Energizer Lotion SPF15) which was really light and left my skin feeling lovely and plump. Importantly it has an SPF in it as my skin is quite fair and I burn very easily.
Having now used all of the products for a few days my skin is feeling lovely and soft and by the end of the day it is looking much less shiny, which is great. So I shall be heading back to House of Fraser at the weekend to purchase myself these lovely goodies!

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