Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Fun

Back in May I saw a random tweet asking for hair models for a vintage styling workshop by The Vintage Hair Lounge and as I had a few hours owed to me at work I thought I'd do it. I've tried to do a few vintage hairstyles on myself by following some youtube videos but somehow they never turn out quite right so I hoped to maybe pick up a few tips while watching the stylists at work, and as a bonus I'd get a couple of nice photos at the end of it.
The workshop took place at a cool little salon in Clapham (The Witches Hut); I was to be modelling for Norina under the expert tutelage of Sharon & Gloria. There were a few other stylists, a make-up artist, Molly Dickie, to complete our vintage look and uber-talented photographer, Scott Chalmers, to capture their creations.
After a bit of a chat Norina settled on a style involving victory rolls which meant heated rollers, much coiffing, teasing and back-combing but as I hope you will agree, the result was pretty fabulous!

Hair by Norina Mingoia, Make-Up by Molly Dicky, Photo by Scott Chalmers
I'm definitely not convinced I could re-create this look myself but I picked up a few tips and I am now desperately coveting a set of heated rollers. I'm also considering a vintage-esque style for my wedding but I think this might be a little on the extreme side... food for thought though.

What do you think?

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