UNICEF - Sahara Desert Trek

At the end of October I will be trekking over 100km across the Sahara Desert over 5 days in aid of UNICEF and the Brighter Futures campaign supported by Kantar.

Kantar are running 3 events this year in support of the Brighter Futures campaign (Aztec Volcanoes Bike Ride, Indian Himalayan Trek & Sahara Dessert Trek) and I have decided to take on the challenge of trekking the Sahara. I am aiming to raise over £1500 for these projects and the money raised will be split between the projects.

My fundraising page can be found here: http://fundraise.unicef.org.uk/MyPage/Joanna-Crowley-Jo-is-Trekking-the-Sahara-KANTAR

This is not going to be easy! As most people who know me will confirm, I do not cope well with heat and I fully expect to return from the trek looking like a sun-dried tomato.

Any donation you make, no matter how large or small, will make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of children. Below is a bit of information about each of the projects supported by the Brighter Futures Campaign.

Tackling child labour in Bangladesh - where 13% of children aged 5-14 are forced to work, often in hazardous jobs, to help support their families. The project will help to re-integrate 6000 working children into education and offer 2500 families of working children legal support, basic health services and access to drop-in centres.

Child protection in Bolivia - where currently 2.2 million children and adolescents are victims of violence and many more are involved in juvenile crime, gang warfare and drug abuse.As well as working with government to review protection laws, the project will create nine new special victims units to effectively manages cases of child and adolescents as victims or witnesses of crime.

Children's Corners in Malawi - where 600,000 children under 15 have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS. The project will reach out to 80,000 orphans and other vulnerable children across Malawi through the building and strengthening of 150 new Children's Corners community centres.

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