Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Fun

Are you ready for some Friday Fun?! Here are a few things that made me smile this week: 

10 Reasons Why... by Emily Hartridge 
If you haven't already heard about Emily then go take a look at her youtube series. Emily is frank, hilariously loopy, and effortlessly cool and dishes out some honest advice. 

Stationery Designer Veronica Dearsley 
I met Veronica at School of Rock and her designs are bright, fun and slightly kooky... what's not to love? 

While finally unpacking my suitcase from my travels a couple of weeks ago Skittles sneaked her way into the pocket of my suitcase for a quick nap...sneaky sneaky!

The Power of Positivity from Rock N'Roll Bride 
What's the nicest thing that's been said to you recently? 

Live video stream of a mum-cat + kittens - watch for 5 mins and you'll be smiling all day. 

This little image I found on Pinterest - some very good advice indeed!

What have you seen or done this week that's brought a smile to your face?

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