Sunday, 12 August 2012

Weekend Walks No.5 - Newlands Corner

I've been away travelling for work for the past 2 weeks so exercise has been fairly sporadic so yesterday I took the opportunity to get out into the sunshine and go for a walk. Again we used our trusty '50 Walks in Surrey' book and headed off to Newlands Corner for a wander.

Stats as follows:
Date: 12/08/12
Start Time: 1.00pm
Length: 7.3miles or 11.76km
Time: 1hrs 38mins
Temperature: 27C
Route url: Newlands Corner

The sun was shining so by the time we got to the carpark it was already filled with cars but we managed to find a spot and headed off down the track.
The walk quickly took us downhill and under cover of trees, great for keeping my pale skin out of the glaring sun and we meandered along to the pretty town of Shere. We stopped at a lovely pub - The William Bray - for lunch; we stopped there for quite a while and ate until we were stuffed, the portions were gigantic!
We left the pub and made our way uphill to the North Downs Way which we then followed all the way back to Newlands Corner.

The terrain was a mixture of woodland paths and country roads with 1 hill to climb about half way through, nothing too tricky or strenuous but a good walk to ease me back in to exercise after a week off.

Hope you've all had a lovely sunny Sunday!

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