Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thursday Thanks No.6

Well everybody I have hit my target!

Thanks to the Kantar Quiz that was held last week I am now well and truly over my target and fundraising has reached over £1600 and still rising. The night raised over £1100 in total and £700 of that was donated to my fundraising page through team entry fees (£100 per team) and the proceeds from the raffle and bar on the night.
A big thank you goes to my team the Retail Rascals, for their participation on the night. We had a good laugh, even though we only came 7th of 9 teams... I'm just pleased we didn't come last!

A final thank you goes out to the lovely Laura Fell for her donation, she however is madder than me as she runs marathons!

Don't forget you can still donate (just because I've hit my target doesn't mean I'm going to stop asking!) at my online fundraising page here.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday Training No.3

As will be fairly evident from my lack of Tuesday Training posts I haven’t been doing too well on the training front. So far my efforts have been intermittent at best with a few good weeks interspersed with a few bad ones, but not always due to my lack of desire to train (though I admit some weeks I have just been downright lazy!).

As you may have read in my last Monday Mumbles post I am currently suffering with tendonitis in my right foot which stems from a recurring ankle injury. After just trying to get on with things and ignoring the pain for the last couple of months I have probably not helped myself so now I am undergoing physiotherapy and taking a complete break from anything that even looks like exercise. I had my first physio session last week with the same therapist as I had when I had a serious ankle sprain just over 18 months ago; she spent a lot of time assessing me and then moved on to the painful bit – massage (not the nice kind) and acupuncture. I had a total of 7 needles inserted into various points on my foot which were then left for about 10 minutes and given a little twist every now and then. I’ve had acupuncture before, both in my ankle and my shoulder/neck and each time it has proved really beneficial – the idea is that the needle stimulates blood flow through the affected area, speeding up healing time. My therapist reckons on 6-8 weeks recovery time but I’m hoping I’ll be back at the gym within 4… keep your fingers crossed for me!

So that’s it for now, until my foot is at least partially better I can do nothing L, on a brighter note, I am now up to £1189 in my fundraising with plenty more due to be rolling in over the next few months, so I am hopefully going to smash my target good and proper. Don't forget you can still donate here too!

Take care everyone!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday Mumbles No.4

I’ve been a bit slack on the old post-writing this last week or so, so here is a quick round up of what’s been going on:

On Wednesday 30th May I attended a VintageCupcake Decorating class up at The Make Lounge which was hosted by the very talented Charlotte of Restoration Cake. We learnt how to colour our fondant, make some gorgeous vintage-inspired cake decorations like bows, used moulds to create cameos and other shapes, and finally painted some of our pieces. The class was a lot of fun and Charlotte was really knowledgeable and a great teacher. We each left with a box of 6 cupcakes and many of us bought some lovely supplies at The Make Lounge shop so that we can continue to practice at home.
My lovely cupcakes - they didn't last very long!
I then had the following 2 days off work, which was lovely and I spent my time relaxing at home after a busy few weeks at work; I also treated myself to a couple of treatments at The Surrey Retreat in Woking on the Friday afternoon. I had been reading about Universal Contour Wraps for some time and had a received an email from The Surrey Retreat a few weeks ago with an offer for 30% off the usual price of the wrap so decided to go for it. The idea is that you are wrapped in clay soaked bandages for an hour and the minerals in the clay help to rid you of toxins and tighten your skin helping you to lose inches – who wouldn’t want this?! The spa also offers a number of other treatments for half price while you are waiting for the wraps to be removed, so I indulged in a lovely facial.

We then spent Saturday and Sunday pottering around the house and doing a bit of shopping and on Monday I made my way to Leicester for a surprise birthday party for my bridesmaid Sara. Thankfully she had absolutely no idea and was suitably surprised and pleased about the whole thing, even if she was a bit hung over from the night before! So I spent a lovely afternoon and evening with some of my best girls before heading home again on Tuesday afternoon.
Sara's Surprise Party - all the girls!
The rest of the week at work was thankfully fairly quiet as most people had taken the days off as holiday.

This weekend we headed down to Brighton to go and look at wedding rings; we had a lovely lunch in town and then went off to the shop where we’d bought my engagement ring to have a look at what they had on offer. They had exactly what we were both looking for and we’d ordered both rings within about 15 minutes! One more thing to tick off the list.

While we were down in that general direction we thought we’d go and stay at my parents empty house in Worthing (they recently moved to France and are still trying to sell the house here), and invite a couple of friends to spend the evening with us. We dined lavishly on chips and dip followed by chicken kiev and chips… so grown up!

The only thing left to report is that my tendonitis in my foot is still plaguing me and I have been advised by the doc to take painkillers for the next 2 weeks until I can see a physio. I’m hoping that she can sort me out fairly quickly because I desperately need to get in some serious training for the trek! Time is quickly disappearing and I don’t want to be a hopeless wreck on the trip.

That’s all for now folks, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend last week (hoorah for the Jubilee, even though I missed it all!).

Friday, 1 June 2012

Thursday Thanks No.6 - a bit late!

Lots of people to thank this week so here goes:
Firstly the quiz team at The Futures Company for donating their £100 entry fee to me for the Kantar Quiz which is happening on 21st June - should be a good night with some competitive fun and a few drinks!
Secondly to my wonderful friend Dr Anika Ludwig for her donation and also Yvonne Knox for hers.
Thirdly a few of my consultants at work have also donated, so massive thanks to Bernhard Wessels, John Patterson and Mike Banks.

So that's an extra £250 and I also managed to raise another £90 by selling homemade cakes at my company's annual conference which has taken my grand total up to a massive £920 which is 61% of my target.

Don't forget that you can also donate here:
Jo's Trekking The Sahara