Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wedding Wednesday - I'm a Winner!

I've never been a particularly lucky person and had never won ANYTHING up until about 5 years ago when I won a year's free gym membership, however that slightly backfired because not actually having to pay for the gym made me even less inclined to go! Since then I've won the odd raffle prize but nothing of note (actually that's a lie, I won tickets to go and watch Dancing on Ice being filmed which having never really watched the show turned out to be quite fun) but seeing all of the competitions that wedding magazines and blogs run I thought I might as well just enter EVERYTHING. Weddings are, after all, an expensive business so the thought of winning something I might have otherwise had to pay for or just not had was quite attractive.

Back at the end of last year Weddings in Surrey ran a competition to win a Final Countdown Wedding Package from The Beautiful Wedding Company .
I entered the competition along with a mountain of others and didn't give it another thought. Then in January I received a phone call from Clare at The Beautiful Wedding Company to tell me that unfortunately I hadn't won but that she would like to offer a discount on her services which was very generous of her but as I hadn't actually been planning on having any sort of wedding planner I again thought no more of it.
A few weeks later I received another call from Clare; the original couple had cancelled their wedding (how sad!) and so they had re-drawn the prize and I had won. By this point I had forgotten what the prize even consisted of, but as Clare took me through the details I realised what a massive deal it actually was. Details of my prize can be found on the Weddings in Surrey blog, so go and check it out. Clare has been nothing but helpful so far, offering to help me source suppliers, even though my prize doesn't actually kick in until 8 weeks before the wedding.
Having never really considered having a wedding planner, now that I have one, I am so glad that I do! I have a tendency to get caught up in the details so I am looking forward to being able to hand everything over to Clare and relax on my big day.

Amazing huh?! Well that's not the end of it. I'm still entering competitions and in fact recently won another amazing prize... a beautiful and bespoke button bouquet from Beau Buttons. I had been coveting one of these for some time and was willing to splash the cash to have one but it now turns out I don't need to and I can spend the money on something else. Emma has already asked me the kind of thing I would like (cream with hints of purple and pink with a vintage feel) and I can't wait to see what she comes up with - from the pictures on her website I am very excited.

So that's my winnings so far. I would absolutely recommend all brides-to-be to enter every competition they can because you never know what you might win. I'm still entering competitions so fingers crossed for some more fabulous prizes!

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