Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday Training No.1

Welcome to my first Tuesday Training update! This is where I will be entertaining you with my training tales from the week, looking at where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, how many buckets of sweat I’ve created and other fun stuff. I’m planning a variety of things to get me into shape for this so hopefully there will be something in there you’d like to try too.

As you may have seen, I went out on Saturday morning for my first weekend walk with Andy. The sun was shining and we ambled along at a steady pace along a fairly flat route by the river Thames – nothing too strenuous at this stage but a good distance covered (19km) and it certainly worked up a good appetite for lunch when we got home! Sunday was spent at a Christening for my cousin’s little girl so no exercise then.

Yesterday I cycled to work and home again for the first time in quite a while; it’s only 3.4km each way but a nice way to make sure I am actually awake in the mornings, especially now that we are coming into spring. I also managed to get myself to the gym for the first time in about a month for a bit of a workout and a swim.
I have recently discovered the Power Plate, it’s amazing and if you haven’t tried it, or even heard of it, get yourself down the gym and have a go. Basically it’s just a platform that vibrates at a really high frequency so that when you do things on it (lunges, squats, press-ups etc), it makes your muscles work much harder than if you were just doing it on the floor. (Lots of info here: http://www.powerplate.com/uk/?gclid=CIOgubLFhq8CFcgntAodPjAlAQ) So I did a quick warm up on the cross-trainer and then on to the Power Plate; I kept it quite easy for my first workout back after a few weeks off but I am definitely feeling it this morning. The thing with the Power Plate is that it makes muscles work that you didn’t even know existed, so be prepared to ache in some strange places!
I also managed a little swim of 10 lengths in 7 minutes, again, nothing too strenuous for my first workout back.

Today I’ve cycled to work and home again and I’m contemplating a Spinning class later on. Not sure I’m ready for it but it’s definitely a good calorie burner!

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