Friday, 30 March 2012

Fundraising Friday No.1

So the blog and my fundraising page have been up for a full week now and I am already up to 18% of my total (My Fundraising Page), which is amazing considering I haven't actually done anything yet. But I have plans!
Firstly, I have an unspeakable amount of clothes in my wardrobe that have barely been worn (some even still have the tags in!) which I plan to sell on the wonderful ebay. Any money I make from the sales of these clothes will be added to the fund and I'll make plenty of space for all the new summer stuff I have just ordered!
Secondly, I am planning on holding monthly 'afternoon tea's' in the office, where I will be offering homemade cakes and sandwiches for a small fee. I'm hoping this will encourage people to take a break from their desks, talk to their colleagues and enjoy some yummy homemade goodies instead of the usual stale fodder found in the local supermarket.
And lastly, we are holding a company conference in May and I am hoping to be able to take over the evening's entertainment portion to put on something fun that will get the donations in. I have a few ideas floating around my head so far including pub-style quiz, karaoke competition or some sort of dance lesson to get people on their feet... what do you think? Any further suggestions welcome!

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