Thursday, 22 March 2012

First of many

Firstly to introduce myself and my blog...
I'm quickly approaching 30 (eek!) and wanted to do something adventurous before I'm over the hill, so I signed up for a trek through the Sahara in aid of UNICEF, organised by the company I work for.
The purpose of the blog is to raise awareness and hopefully convince some of you to donate to this very worthy cause (more about that on the UNICEF - Sahara Desert Trek page). I'll be keeping you up to date on my training - gym sessions, countryside walks, blisters, aching muscles... the lot! - and letting you know how the fundraising is going.
This isn't the first and definitely won't be the last adventurous thing I do but it has the potential to be the hardest, so expect to be asked for your hard earned cash. And on that note, this is my donations page...
The first person to donate will receive a small gift from the trek and anyone who donates over £25 will receive a print of their choice from the photographs I take while there.
There will also be talk of my love of baking and desserts, wedding plans and general life stuff.
I'll be sharing recipes, restaurant reviews, walking routes and much more so keep coming back to see what's been going on.
So thanks for reading the first of many posts and I look forward to welcoming you back soon! x

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