Friday, 1 June 2012

Thursday Thanks No.6 - a bit late!

Lots of people to thank this week so here goes:
Firstly the quiz team at The Futures Company for donating their £100 entry fee to me for the Kantar Quiz which is happening on 21st June - should be a good night with some competitive fun and a few drinks!
Secondly to my wonderful friend Dr Anika Ludwig for her donation and also Yvonne Knox for hers.
Thirdly a few of my consultants at work have also donated, so massive thanks to Bernhard Wessels, John Patterson and Mike Banks.

So that's an extra £250 and I also managed to raise another £90 by selling homemade cakes at my company's annual conference which has taken my grand total up to a massive £920 which is 61% of my target.

Don't forget that you can also donate here:
Jo's Trekking The Sahara

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