Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wedding Wednesday No.4 - The People

So where have we got to? I’ve told you about the proposal and the venue, the shoes and the dress so I suppose I’d better tell you about the people involved. For me there are 4 Bridesmaids, I’d always imagined just having 2 but the reality of choosing between my friends made that impossible so I decided on 4, Tammy & Yzelle are 2 of my best friends from school. I have known Tammy since we were 4 and Izzy since we were 12 and along with another friend, Lyndsey who is doing my decorations, we were inseparable for many years. The other 2 are Becca and Sara who I lived with in halls at university and continued to live with until I graduated, along with Anika who will be doing a reading at the ceremony.

For Andy there will be 2 Best Men, Tim who is his younger brother and Tom, his best friend since he was about 12. Andy and Tom were also both Best Men at Tim’s wedding last year. The three of them are very close and although Andy doesn’t get to see them as much as he’d like, I know that he would be lost without them.

We’re up to 4 Bridesmaids and 2 Best Men, and as I’ve already mentioned my amazingly talented friend Lyndsey of My Idle Hands will be creating our decorations for us and Anika will be doing a reading during the ceremony. In addition, Andy’s friend Mark will also be doing a reading and another Mark will hopefully be playing the guitar during the ceremony (Andy hasn’t actually asked either of them yet but I don’t think they’ll read this!). Tim’s wife Kate has kindly agreed to help me make the favours – her sewing skills are far superior to mine and then my brother Jon and his girlfriend Kirsty are going to act as Usher & Usherette on the day to greet people and get them to their seats.

Obviously both sets of parents will be there every step of the way and my Daddy will be walking me down the aisle, which, other than the actual marriage bit, is what I am most looking forward to!

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