Sunday, 27 May 2012

Weekend Walks No.4 - Leigh Hill... again

Having not been out for a walk for quite a long time, partly due to the horrendous weather and partly due to being unbelievably busy, we decided to repeat a walk we'd already done. Today has been pretty hot and we knew that much of this walk was through woodland so would be nice and shady.

Stats as follows:
Date: 22/05/12
Start Time: 11:30am
Length: 9.2miles or 14.78km
Time: 2hrs 23mins
Average Speed: 6.09km/h
Temperature: 27C

Route url: Leigh Hill

I bought my boots for the trek 2 weeks ago and this was my first walk wearing them, for the most part they were great, really comfortable and no blisters at all. However, about half way round the walk the front of my ankle/shin began to feel quite bruised. I think the tongue of the boot is quite stiff and was digging in so I'll need to look at how I lace them in future.

Other than that the walk was great, beautiful sunshine, blue skies, not many people around... lovely!

We stopped again at the Wotton Hatch pub for a drink as it's a nice halfway point. No lunch this time, just a drink in the garden before setting off once again.

On the way back we came across an injured mountain biker; luckily he had a friend with him and an ambulance was on it's way - it looked like he'd broken his arm and collarbone... OUCH! When we reached the tower at the top of Leigh Hill they were just giving directions to people to go and find him so hopefully he hadn't been waiting too long.

By the end of the walk we were both pretty hot and thirsty so we grabbed an ice cream from the tower before making our way back to the car.

Once again I had a bit of a technology fail, this time with the camera - it was fully charged and ready to go except I forgot the memory card... oops.

Hope you've all had a lovely sunny Sunday!

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