Friday, 4 May 2012

Fundraising Friday No.2

I am now up to 39% of my fundraising target (Jo is Trekking the Sahara KANTAR) , which is brilliant! So far my efforts have been fairly minimal but I am about to step it up a gear, over the next few weeks I will be raising money by collecting unwanted clothes, gifts and homeware items from friends and colleagues to sell on ebay. I am offering up to 50% of the profits to be returned to the person donating and the remaining 50% will be added to my fundraising total. I’ve already had several people tell me they’ve got some stuff for me and I have a number of items at home to sell too, so I am hoping to have quite a bit of stuff to advertise. I know ebay doesn’t always yield the highest profits but anything is worth a try, and if it brings in even £50 it will still be worth it.

I will also be making a whole range of sweet treats for our company’s annual conference which is taking place in a couple of weeks and asking for donations in return. I am hoping to make this a regular event at our monthly company meetings and perhaps even for client meetings too. I’ve got 70 people to cater for at the conference so some careful planning is required but the company has offered to pay for the ingredients so I just have to make it all. I’m really looking forward to getting in the kitchen and creating some yummy cakes and biscuits to share with everyone.

And finally we are having a quiz with all of the other companies in our group in June and the entry money (£100 per team of 6) from any team from my company will go towards my fundraising target, so I am hoping to get at least 2 teams to enter, which will mean a big boost to my total.

So what do you think? Have you seen any other creative fundraising ideas you’d like to share?

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