Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday Training No.3

As will be fairly evident from my lack of Tuesday Training posts I haven’t been doing too well on the training front. So far my efforts have been intermittent at best with a few good weeks interspersed with a few bad ones, but not always due to my lack of desire to train (though I admit some weeks I have just been downright lazy!).

As you may have read in my last Monday Mumbles post I am currently suffering with tendonitis in my right foot which stems from a recurring ankle injury. After just trying to get on with things and ignoring the pain for the last couple of months I have probably not helped myself so now I am undergoing physiotherapy and taking a complete break from anything that even looks like exercise. I had my first physio session last week with the same therapist as I had when I had a serious ankle sprain just over 18 months ago; she spent a lot of time assessing me and then moved on to the painful bit – massage (not the nice kind) and acupuncture. I had a total of 7 needles inserted into various points on my foot which were then left for about 10 minutes and given a little twist every now and then. I’ve had acupuncture before, both in my ankle and my shoulder/neck and each time it has proved really beneficial – the idea is that the needle stimulates blood flow through the affected area, speeding up healing time. My therapist reckons on 6-8 weeks recovery time but I’m hoping I’ll be back at the gym within 4… keep your fingers crossed for me!

So that’s it for now, until my foot is at least partially better I can do nothing L, on a brighter note, I am now up to £1189 in my fundraising with plenty more due to be rolling in over the next few months, so I am hopefully going to smash my target good and proper. Don't forget you can still donate here too!

Take care everyone!

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