Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wedding Wednesday No.2

So the dress?! Well I suppose I should actually really start with the shoes as these most definitely were my first priority!
I've always had a thing for shoes (and bags too!) and have accumulated quite a collection over the years, mostly from the high street but a few nicer pairs too, so I wanted to take this opportunity to really splash out on an amazing pair of shoes and was more than willing to spend more money on them than the dress. After all, shoes I can wear again, a wedding dress? Probably not!
Christian Louboutin was the label of choice and the first time I set foot in their lavish area in Selfridges I knew these were the shoes for me. So many beautiful shoes with that seductive red sole I really didn't know where to start - classic black or something more outrageous for what may well be my only ever pair of real designer shoes?
And then there they were, peeking out at me from one of the many cubbyholes, a pair of deep magenta suede high heels with black detailing at the toe. These were the ones for me so I tried on a pair in my usual size 6 but they were far too big and they didn't have a 5.5 so I left empty-handed and disappointed. The girl in Selfridges was really helpful and suggested I try the CL shop in Mount Street, Mayfair. Unfortunately the shop had closed by this time so I'd have to wait until my next trip to London to see if I could find them again.
Luckily I din't have to wait for too long and was back in London a few weeks later for work. I raced to the Mount Street boutique but they didn't have the shoes I was looking for in any size and told me that there were in fact no 5.5s left in the whole of the UK... Noooooooo!! Again though, the girl in the shop was really helpful and told me that I should go back to Selfridges and try the size 5 because as they are suede they will stretch quite a lot. So off I went, back to Selfridges.
Back at Selfridges I tried the shoes in the size 5 and though they were snug the sales girl assured me that they would quickly stretch if I wore them in a bit before the big day. She also said that these were the last size 5s in the country and if I wanted the 5.5s I'd have to order them from the US, so that was it, I was clearly meant to have these shoes. I was sold! Credit card handed over, shoes boxed up and away I went with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, clutching my shoes protectively as I strolled back along Oxford Street.
I've had them a fair few months now and continue to get them out of the box from time to time to just stair lovingly at their beauty! I cannot wait to wear them over and over again after the wedding.
So next time I really will tell you about the dress!

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